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How to Backup Your Android Phone

Last week we had an article on how to backup your iPhone – if you haven’t had a chance to read it, click here.

So, how do we backup our Android device?  The simple answer is using the Google backup you have on the phone under:

Settings-->Backup & Reset and enable “Backup my data”, it works very similar  to Apple iCloud and backs up all your phone documents, photos, as well as your device and apps settings.

Most vendors of Android Phones will have their own dedicated software to install on your computer, that will allow you to backup your Android device.

Sometimes you will have to go with a 3rd party software to manage your Android device.  

Some examples are:

Syncios      for Mac or PC

SyncMate   for Mac

MobiKin      for Mac or PC

If you have a Mac, Google has a free software called “Android File Transfer” that you can download from here


When you plug your Android into a Mac, you will see your phone content as a file hierarchy; you can then move folders out for backup.  (This method will appeal to more advanced users.)

It doesn’t matter what platform you use, these days our cell phone is our main hub for communication - let’s make sure we back up all of the good stuff that is important to us!

Have a question or a problem, feel free to contact me with any issue you have.