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iPhone Vs. Android

The never-ending story, which one is the “best”?

There are pros and cons to every platform (iOS and Android). Neither is perfect. But this time I’ll talk about phones in a non-direct manner.

I get this question at least twice a day, how come an Apple guru uses an Android device?

And the simple answer is really dollars and cents, as usual.

The US is a unique market by the way it provides mobile services.

Up until last year, when you chose a new phone from one of the big carriers, you agreed to a 2-year contract. In return you got a device at a discount price.

The phone you bought from your carrier was locked to that carrier, for example, if you bought an AT&T phone, you couldn’t move this phone to T-Mobile and use it on their network. You were in fact chained to your carrier for 2 years.

Want to move to another company? Pay a fine, then pay extra to unlock the phone, and finally pay the rest of the cost at the phone’s full retail price.

This is where Europe and most of the world differs from us. When you buy a phone with any operator, you buy it unlocked. You can buy the phone in installments or out right; but you pay for the service separately from your phone. EU regulations forbid selling a phone that is locked to an operator.

This brings me to the main issue of this article, the pricing of cellular communication and data is the US.

The US is ranked as one of the most expensive countries in the world for cellular data.

Here is a small illustration from The Economist.

You can see that for an average of 500MB we will pay $85. And yes, I know that lately pricing is going down and data caps are rising, but we are still quite far behind Europe and Asia.

So what’s the punch line?   Well, if you’re willing to purchase a phone that is unlocked and not tied to a carrier you can save quite a lot on your bill, hence, going with an Android phone that has a lower entry price point for smart phone.

For example: You can sign a 2-year contract with AT&T for approximately $100 a month and receive a brand new iPhone for $200. Alternatively, you can buy the same iPhone directly from Apple unlocked for $700 and pay a mere $60 for the same plan (prices do not include tax that is 22% for mobile operators).

If you buy your own phone, you can cover its price within 10 months and save around $700 in comparison to a 2-year contract.

Today with the never-ending race for better technology, we end up spending vast amounts of money on our communication devices with out noticing. Apple iPhones are excellent devices and their cost reflects that. Android phones have a wider price range that in the end can save you more than a thousand dollars every 2 years.

Both phones work on a Mac or a Windows machine with out any problem.

Is it more convenient to work on an iPhone with a Mac? Yes, but it comes with a price.