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What Do You Mean You Don't Have a Backup?

Backup, Part III

Cloud Backup:

There is a whole world of options out there; I will be here to guide you in picking the best solution for you.
A few things to consider before choosing a service provider:

  • Amount of data you want to backup (a few GB or few TB)

  • Broadband limitation (Your internet upload/ download speed)

  • How often you need to access the data

  • Encryption

  • What do you need to backup (your whole system, or just few files)

  • Pricing 

For home users, ease of usage and pricing will be a decision point.

For small to medium businesses, capacity, security and accessibility will matter more.

For home users, companies like CarboniteiDrive, Backblaze and CrashPlanwill provide the best solution for the price.
More info can found on our friends cloudwards website.
As a Business user you have many options.

Here is a good compression by TopTen reviews on business backup solutions.

So, let’s summarize a bit:

  • Know your requirements and limitations.
  • Think about how you see yourself growing with the backup solution.
  • And of course, “Show me the money”.