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Network Storage

NAS – Network Attached Storage

So what is NAS, and what is it good for?


Think of NAS as an external drive, but instead of being plugged into your computer via USB, it plugs into your network.

With my many encounters with my clients, I see a lot of them that need a storage to put their “stuff”

Sometimes an external drive is inconvenient, sometimes you need more space, hence the NAS.

Think of it as your own private cloud.  Wouldn’t it be cool to have your own “Dropbox”?

You can store anything you want on your NAS as you would do with a normal drive, BUT the biggest advantage that NAS has been its scalability - meaning, it will grow with your needs.

You can start with 1 drive and grow from there depending on your needs.

This solution is cost effective for the long run, as it lowers the price of upgrades over the years.

A few examples of what you can do with a NAS

•           Run a mail server

•           Run a VPN server

•           Store your photos in an album and share them.

•           Time Machine backup drive

•           User management

•           Data management

•           Can be used as iTunes Server

•           Use it as surveillance station

And much more!

You can store from 1TB to hundreds of TB (depending on model)

It can serve just you, or your whole house/ office.  They have a small footprint and are very power efficient, and after the first configuration they become set and forget devices.

Two of the biggest names for home and small business users are Synology and QNAP

As a reseller, feel free to reach out with any question you have, and let's see if we can set you up with a smart storage solution.