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BREAKING NEWS: Security for All Modern Wifi at Risk

A weakness has just been found in WAP2, a protocol that protects all modern secure Wifi Networks. Information that should be safe and encrypted is now accessible to hackers within range of your network. Information like credit card numbers, emails, chat messages and passwords can be viewed and leveraged against companies and individuals. Also depending on network configuration, a hacker might attack you using ransomware. 

Any Device that Uses Wifi is Likely Vulnerable

Your computers, phones and even printers that connect to wifi are vulnerable to this type of attack, and that has stood true so far for every kind of device (Apple, Windows, Android, etc.,) 

What You Need to Do:

  • install all updates to your wifi-supporting devices if available
  • contact your vendor for more instructions or if no security updates are available
  • contact Gallico at TopMac if you want further help on protecting your devices from this security threat

This is a serious threat to anyone who uses wifi, so we strongly encourage you to take these listed steps now, and if you need more help or want to peace of mind of going through the protocol with a professional, we're a phone call away. Schedule an appointment with Gallico or call us at 512.827.8532  for more support on this issue.