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How Good Is Security for Your Remote Employees?

The workplace is changing at a rapid pace, and with technology advancements, being tethered to an office desk is a thing of the past. Today's office workers do their tasks and often some of their best work outside of the office. 

This could mean the flexibility to meet with clients off-site and access their information from the company database. It could also mean employees working from coffee shops, airplanes, and even vacation houses. So with employees working from all manner of locations, how do you manage security on every device?

Reduce Chances of Malware Infection

A common cause of security breaches, malware can be avoided a few different ways.

  • Security Software - quality security software can prevent malware from ever making onto your employee's computer or device. 
  • Good Practices - education on computer use best practices (and worst mistakes) could be the difference between a major security risk and a great day.

Cloud Services

Cloud services not only make it easier for employees to access company information remotely, but they also put the burden of security on your provider. Cloud Services Providers are often better equipped to lock down a system if there is suspicious activity.


Giving your employees access to a secure company network encrypts their Internet traffic, making your corporate information that much safer.

Security for remote workers may seem like a hassle, but we promise, it is worth it every time. If you'd like to consult with a professional on your current remote security measures, schedule an appointment!