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Would Hackers Really Attack My Small Business?

Forty-three percent. It's a substantial amount! Imagine 43% tax, or getting 43% on a test. Well, an unfortunate truth about 43% is that it is the percentage of cyber attacks that are made against small businesses just like yours. You may be surprised, wondering why hackers don't go after larger corporations where they could theoretically do more damage, but what the hackers have learned is that small businesses don't expect to be hit; they are caught with low security and more easily hacked.

What Happened to Those Small Business?

An even worse statistic than the 43%, 60% of those companies went out of business within six months of that attack. To a small business owner and your employees, there is no harder blow than having to close your doors due to a preventable calamity. 

That's why we are sharing these statistics in the hopes of protecting your information and small business. So what is so devastating about being hacked? What are hackers actually doing when they infiltrate your system?

What Hackers Are After

Hackers use several different modes of either damaging or stealing information, including viruses, spyware, and ransomware. A virus goes around damaging information, spyware, as you can imagine, steals information, and ransomware holds something of value until you respond to a demand. Most commonly, hackers will steal or damage information such as:

·       customer records

·       intellectual property

·       banking information

·       employee records

·       business emails and correspondence

This information is the very backbone of day to day operations, and the loss or damage of any portion is what causes small business doors to close. 

What Can You Do?

Because we know how badly they could hurt you, we take cyber attacks very seriously. That's why we offer several different types of security and data recovery to help you avoid or recover from a cyber attack on your business. Our services include:

·       Network Security Hardening

·       Office & Home Backup Solutions

·       Data Recovery

·       Malware & Virus Removal

Our hope is that you would only ever need our first two services, but if you experience a cyber attack, we will work to recover data and remove malware from your system. If you would like to know more about our preventative or responsive services or need help repairing a Mac or PC, feel free to contact us!