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Your Cell Phone - An Extension of Your Life & Business

Have you ever left your phone at home and wondered how you would do without it and the information it holds? We know how you feel. Our cell phones are an extension of our everyday life and business, connecting us to friends, customers and leads on a daily basis. Not only does your phone connect you to the rest of the world in real time, but it also stores thousands of pieces of information.

What's On Your Phone?

Most of our phones are bursting with information about our personal and professional lives. Here's a list of things you may have on your phone right now:

  • contact information
  • banking and password info
  • notes
  • messages
  • photos
  • documents
  • aps
  • addresses
  • voicemails
  • email

All of this information has practical and personal value -- so what if you lost it all?

What If You Lost Everything?

We're fairly used to losing our cell phones in the house. "Can you call me?" is a common request to locate a phone hiding between couch cushions. But what if it was really lost, damaged or destroyed? Would all of your information be safe and recoverable? How devastating would it be to lose contact information for new clients or photos of your kid's birthday?

Backups to The Rescue

We all know we should backup our information, but our iCloud is full, or we just haven't gotten around to it! But just like you pay for insurance on your car in case something happens, you need a little insurance on your information.

At TopMac, we offer home and office backup solutions to ease your mind when your technology is damaged or lost. Just because the device is gone doesn't mean your information has to be as well. You've likely heard it before, but preemptive measures are always cheaper than recovery. In the same way, device backup will save your information and stress level rather than having to resort to data recovery after a disaster.

If you're ready to setup a backup system for your mobile device or computer, contact us!