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Disaster Proof Your Company with Managed IT

Have you ever used the break-fix method at work? If it isn't broke, why fix it, right? I'm sure you have experienced some of the hiccups of this method. It could be something as simple as waiting to order toner until you're completely out or as risky as not adding IT security until there is a breach. In both cases, you spend more money -- either you run to the printers and pay to have them do a job for you, or you call in emergency help to deal with ransomware or restore lost information on your network. 

Your Information at Risk

When it comes to your network, disaster proofing is worth it, every time. Your network connects every computer in your business, and these days even your printers, smartphones and tablets. Your company information is susceptible to malware, ransomware, worms and more IT disasters unless it is being monitored and has current security measures in place. 

Disaster Proofing with Managed IT Services

Now, you and your employees can't spend all day watching your network, and you certainly can't stay after hours to make sure nothing underhanded happens then. But what if someone could do that for you? Managed IT services monitor your network 24/7 to avoid IT disasters rather than fixing them once they have already occurred. 

Avoid costly disasters like:

  • extended downtime
  • lost or damaged files
  • ransomed information
  • leaked customer information

With a managed IT service provider monitoring your network, these risks could be detected before they cause you grief. 

Not Ready? Do These Things Anyway

If you aren't sure about hiring an IT service provider, there are still a few things you can do to protect your business or home:

If you want more information on disaster-proofing your home or business, we're always available to chat. Feel free to contact us today!