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Your Network - The Heart of Your Company

You may not think of this often, but your network is the heartbeat of your company. Work comes to a halt without the Internet in the majority of offices. Productivity plummets, and it's all hands on deck to fix the problem. But you aren't an IT provider; you're the owner or manager scrambling to get things running again. We'd like to suggest that things shouldn't be that way.

Who Takes Care of Your IT Problems?

If you don't already have IT staff or a managed services provider, odds are you just worry about your network when there is a problem. This is called the "break-fix" method. When something does go wrong, your day (or week) is completely thrown off. Perhaps you're the owner or a manager, and you have to make sure that network is back up and running in time for the rest of your staff to meet their deadlines. But what about your deadlines? As a manager or owner, your time is way too valuable to spend troubleshooting your IT system.

IT Services - Managed

When something goes wrong with your heart, you don't try to diagnose and treat it at home. You go to a professional. In the same way, letting an IT professional diagnose and treat your network is the only smart choice. Not only do you have a well of knowledge and experience at your disposal, but you also have monitoring to prevent problems before they disrupt workflow in the office.

So are you tired of using up your time with IT problems? We wouldn't be surprised if you were. Schedule a call with Gallico to see what the best IT options are for you and your business!