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Why Did I Start TopMac? Let Me Tell You a Story

My name is Eyal Gallico, but you can call me Gallico. Growing up, I was the kid who could build things, take them apart, sometimes they would explode (of course my mom wasn't so happy with that), and so I've always had a love for technology. I've now been doing IT work for 21 years. 

Before starting TopMac, I was working in the corporate world and realized I wanted people to know me as an individual and not just a voice in a room full of people -- that is really what has shaped TopMac into the company it is today. My mom is actually the one who encouraged me to start my own business, and she kept at it for over a year before I was ready. I brought my plans to some small business training classes, and here we are today.

Another reason for opening my business as an IT “Guru” is that I helped friends and family, but when I saw friends and colleagues opening their business, they didn't always know what to do. Even worse, they often didn't know who to ask about how to build their business infrastructure. It struck me that I want to be that voice to share the best way to go; where business owners can save money and where they should not cut corners.

This ability to provide IT services and consulting, to bring the knowledge from the enterprise world, without breaking the bank is a tremendous value for the clients. Recommend what people need, not what you can sell the best, and stand behind your services. This honesty and integrity will take further than anything else.

Who Are My Clients

My typical client is a business of 5-15 employees, and they need anything from break-fix, Cybersecurity, and WiFi help to Manages Services. I want to let business owners sleep well at night because their IT is taken care of and security is not a worry. Many small businesses can't afford to and don't need to hire an entire IT department, so hiring me as a contracted service, I can help them with needs as they arise, but also take a proactive approach to protect the business as much as we can.

I value individuals and businesses highly and want to be a resource for more than just technology to my customers. I often help customers and friends find help with other needs -- anything from cleaning to marketing, if I know another business owner who I trust, I will refer a client of my own to them for that service.

No Business Too Small

Some businesses think IT isn't a need, but I always like to share this statistic for perspective: 53% of small businesses are hit by a cyber attack, and 60% of those have to close within six months of the attack. Some think they are too small, saying, "Oh I have nothing to lose!" But everyone has something to lose, whether it is credit card information or customer emails, so having quality cyber security in place can make all the difference.

My Goal

Ultimately, my goal is to provide efficient, personable service to my commercial clients and to grow TopMac even more in 2018. Much of my business is through the referral of customers, so testimonials like this one mean the world to me:

"I have used Gallico several times and always very pleased with the service. He is very knowledgeable and thorough. Plus, he is a really nice person. Will definitely use him again." - Michael O.

If you have IT needs or computer troubles, I'm here, I'm prompt and professional, but I also like to have fun and make sure my client does as well. Feel free to schedule an appointment with me or refer a friend with IT needs, and thanks for reading!

- Eyal Gallico