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Tami N.

I lost everything when my hard drive crashed.  I called Gallico and he came over to see what he could do.  He told me the options available and was up front with what I would have to spend.  He replaced the hard drive and then painstakingly salvaged the thousands of photos I had lost.  He set my Time Machine up for me and then answered every question I had and gave a few tutorials.  Gallico was kind, straight-forward, patient, and efficient.

"I can not overstate what wonderful computer help we received from Eyal. He was excellent at explaining each step of what he was doing. He was also very patient and did an extraordinarily good job of listening to how we use our laptops and consequently what capabilities we did and did not need. He made every minute count, which ended up making his fee a bargain. Our initial appointment with him was for help with my husband's computer problems, and his help was so outstanding that we asked him back a second time to help me with a completely different set of issues. We are older people and so have had quite a bit of experience needing and trying to get computer help. Eyal was head and shoulders better at providing this help than anyone else we have ever used. We would recommend him absolutely and without reservation.
Nancy and Charlie"

Nancy O.

Shane D.

Gallico is the best. He helped my business clean and repair 3 iMacs and got everything running at tip top speed. Plus, he is fun and funny (or thinks he is), knows his stuff and does not over geek you. I know just enough stuff on those computers to be dangerous and he walked me through exactly what I needed to do in order to save money and get the optimum performance. Never could've done without him and well worth the money I spent. 

So now I have two older Macs with brand-new hard drives that are screaming fast. I did not have to replace and buy a whole new machine. So nice.

I met Gallico on a referral from a trusted friend and my friend could not have been more right. I think Gallico helped repair his old school MacBook Pro. The dude can do anything.

Philip J.

I'm a busy guy with 2 kids and a MacBook Air. My daughter, who claims to love me, accidentally knocked a massive glass of water over and turned my little Mac into a fish tank. Great.

So I call Gallico over at TopMac to see if it could be saved. He picks up the computer, dismantled the laptop, drys and cleans the parts, sends me photos of the deconstructed system (so cool!), runs hardware tests, puts everything back together and runs several OS stress tests. I have no idea how he kept up with all the little screws.

The motherboard was damaged, bummer. But Gallico gave me options on replacing the motherboard and even salvaging the parts for use in a different machine. Ram, external hard drive from the SSD, etc.

My daughter bested the system, but Gallico was awesome! He was so easy to work with, helped me understand my options, and even gave me some inventive alternatives beyond just scrapping the system.

It was a great experience and top notch service! I'd recommend him to anyone with computer issues. If you're having trouble, give him a call.

Yep, just like everyone else said, Eyal is a friendly, honest and knowledgable go to man for whatever is going on with your computer.  My 5 year old macbook pro had never had anything strange going on until this year, so when it started slowing down and flashing some strange background notifications, I called Top Mac and had a time scheduled within a day or so.  

Eyal came to my retail work place, checked it out, got rid of the odd blip, ran virus and malware checks and told me what I needed to do to upgrade the operating system.  He came back the next week once he had my new memory, patiently helped me finish backing up photos, installed the new memory and OSX and was very enjoyable to visit with and get to know while we were waiting.  Best of all, I never got the feeling he was doing or suggesting any unnecessary work.  He just did a great job, explained things simply and charged a fair price.  Thanks Eyal.  I'm sure I'll see you again.

Shannon R.

"Migration of files from PC to Apple, plus training on IMAC. Extremely satisfied. Very professional... very fast... absolutely on time. Knows his stuff. This guy does not mess around. All business. Very concerned that I was happy and had all my requests and questions answered. As a very business Marketing Director I don't have time to waste. I would recommend Gallico to anyone without hesitation."

Frank S.

Ofer S. 

Expert, professional and reliable service right to your home or office at reasonable rates, a company that will walk the extra mile for you!

Michael O.

"I have used Gallico several times and always very pleased with the service.  He is very knowledgeable and thorough.  Plus, he is a really nice person.  Will definitely use him again."

Ben L.

"Eyal is amazing.  Very helpful and prompt.  I would use him over any Mac service in Austin."